Improvisation and Social Inclusion (eds. Schroeder, Samuels and Caines, 2019)

Forthcoming publication (March 2019) with Taylor&Francis in Contemporary Music Review Journal. Just finished co-editing an exciting special, double issue on Improvisation and Social Inclusion with my own contribution entitled “Performance without Barriers: improvising with accessible digital musical instruments in inclusive music making”.
I will post a link here once the volume is up and running.

Handbook of Philosophy and Improvisation in the Arts

Also forthcoming (2019) is a chapter in Routledge’s Handbook of Philosophy and Improvisation in the Arts (eds. Alessandro Bertinetto; Marcello Ruta). I am contributing reflections on music improvisation and the inspirational fragmented texts by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, specifically leaning on ideas from his rather incredible, posthumously published “Livro do Desassossego / The Book of Disquiet” (Penguin Random House, UK, ed and translated by Richard Zenith, 2001998/2015).
My chapter will investigate the notion of multiplicities in music improvisation.
I have provisionally entitled the chapter “The multiplicity of being in free improvisation practices”.

Free Music Improvisation in Brazil: an ethnography of Brazilian improvisers (2019)

My article on free improvisation in Brazil has been peer-reviewed and accepted by the International Journal of Education & the Arts. It is scheduled to appear in the next volume, March 2019.

Evan Parker – Interview with Franziska Schroeder at the 2017 ‘Jardins Efémeros’ Festival in Viseu, Portugal.

In July 2017 saxophonist and improviser Evan Parker led a group of improvisers to explore the acoustics and resonances of several derelict sites in and around the city of Viseu, Portugal. The event took place as part of the Jardins Efémeros Festival. After two days of workshops and playing sessions, Franziska Schroeder interviewed Evan about his own journey as an improvisers and on his thoughts on ‘free improvisation’.
This is the result of a 50mins talk between Evan and Franziska.

You can read the Transcribed Interview with Evan Parker here, too.

Happy to share some photos from the interview and a selection of photos from two days of workshops, exploring some pretty derelict but incredibly beautiful sites.

Photos by Fernando Carqueja, 2017

Some publications by Franziska Schroeder on improvisation:

book cover

Schroeder, F. (2014). Soundweaving: Writings on Improvisation: Performing Improvisation – weaving fabrics of social systems. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (edited book).

Schroeder, F. (December 2016). Museum City – Improvisation and the narratives of space. Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology, Volume 21, Number 3. Issue on ‘Sound and Narrative’. Available through Organised Sound.

Schroeder, F. (2017, forthcoming). An edited Contemporary Music Review Journal issue on improvisation and inclusivity. Call forthcoming.